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Yoga for Golfers

Yoga for golfers  
No one has attained his goals without action. – Bhagavad Gita

Suggesting yoga to most golfers, you may be surprised to learn that they think it means a few asanas to loosen the body before a game of golf. This could not be further than the truth, don't get me wrong, a few rounds of specific asanas prior to a round of golf, would certainly be great for loosening and creating space within the spine.

However, the golf swing is one of the most complex movements in all of sport, there are 22 muscles involved in the forward golf swing, proper training and conditioning of these muscles will increase your club head speed, give you better control/consistency and perfection of a skill.

Golf lessons and equipment have concentrated on changing only the aesthetic product ( the movement ) without developing the quality of the underlying machine … YOU

The spine is just one of the many body parts that require both functional strength and mobility to ensure the repeated high-velocity forces of each golf swing

A high impact activity, greater than running

Did you know the compressive forces found within the lower back is equivalent to eight times a persons body weight with each swing.

Meanwhile running which is considered a high impact sport normally provides a compression of only three to four times a persons body weight, makes you consider how fit your body truly needs to be to withstand these high forces in your spine with each and every swing.

The practice of yoga translates directly to the golf course and can improve your functional strength, balance, flexibility, mobility within the joint, range of joint movement, spacial awareness, concentration and focus.

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